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Welcome to the Team M.S.R. Website!!

Championship Winning Products

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CHD STORM-3 Servo:

We are proud to announce that we have a NEW permanent lower price on the CHD Storm-3 Servo. The lower price is €81.00, which is a massive 25% difference in price compared to last year!!
How have we done this? Well when we took on the CHD Servos we said we would test the servos for a year and if they worked then invest heavily. And due to our heavy investment we can offer this lower price! Check the Storm-3 Servo on the Team M.S.R. Store

Killam Bodies NEW LOWER PRICE!

Please read our full statement about Killam bodies and its position and availability.
The result being that we can now offer a lower price on the Killam Bodies (initially the Killam BMW Range) of €140.00.
You can read our fuill statement HERE.


We are proud to announce that Largescalebodies products are now available from Team M.S.R. We have the Alfa, Citroen, BMW & Wing available to purchase at the Team M.S.R. Store. You can also check out the Largescalebodies info page HERE.