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Welcome to the Team M.S.R. Website!!

The website is now split into ‘2 parts’. The first part being the ‘main’ website, which contains info on the brands we sell & represent as well as video tutorials, tips & tricks and more!
The second part is the brand new Team M.S.R. Store!
In here you will find all the products we sell with information and stock availability!

Championship Winning Products

Available at the Team M.S.R. Store! Enter HERE

Team M.S.R. T14 Trial Car - Click here for more info!!

In our first race of 2014 at the Festival of Speed down in Brookland UK, Team M.S.R. Driver Cormac finished 2nd.
Visit the Facebook Page for the full report and pictures!

At the Double BRCA Round up in Craigavon Team M.S.R. Driver Jason Noonan finished 3rd in Rd. 1 & 2nd in Rd. 2 of the GTS Class. This means he LEADS the BRCA GTS Class after 2 Rounds