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Welcome to the Team M.S.R. Website!!

The website is now split into ‘2 parts’. The first part being the ‘main’ website, which contains info on the brands we sell & represent as well as video tutorials, tips & tricks and more!
The second part is the brand new Team M.S.R. Store!
In here you will find all the products we sell with information and stock availability!

Championship Winning Products

Available at the Team M.S.R. Store! Enter HERE

Team M.S.R. T14 Trial Car - Click here for more info!!

We are constantly updating the Team M.S.R. Store!
So keep an eye on new products available and register if you haven’t.

We are heading to the European Championships in a couple of weeks! The event is on from the 14th - 19th July.
Both Team M.S.R. Drivers Cormac Wyatt & Jason Noonan are representing Ireland, along with Anthony Fitzpatrick.

You can keep up to date on how we are all doing at www.myrcm.ch, where live timing will be happening throughout the event.
We will also be putting as many reports, photos and videos up as possible on our Facebook Page!

In preparation we have a ‘did you know?’ On the Facebook Page. Check it out HERE!